Influencing other people is a crucial business skill. So learning how to influence is an essential development skill for any employee, no matter what their role in the organization.
Whether you’re trying to up-skill lower level employees, middle management or senior leaders, the Trainer Bubble influencing skills training course material gives you the tools to train people to the highest standard. And with our professionally prepared materials, we’ve done all the hard work for you.
The skills you will deliver can positively impact across an organization, such as:

• Making management more effective at influencing desired results.
• Empowering individuals to innovate and drive positive change.
• Helps buyers influence suppliers and suppliers influence buyers.
• Gives any customer facing employees the ability to arrive at more positive outcomes.
• Helps senior leaders gain consensus around strategic visions. In fact, wherever there is human interaction in the business sphere, our influencing skills training course is ideally suited.
• Know yourself and seek self-improvement
• Know your soldiers and look out for their welfare
• Keep your soldiers informed
• Set the example
• Ensure the task is understood, supervised and accomplished
• Train your soldiers as a team
• Make sound and timely decisions
• Develop a sense of responsibility in your subordinates
• Employ your unit in accordance with its capabilities
• Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions

Creating Mutual Respect - You will never be worthy of respect if you don’t give respect. Respect should be given to everyone at all levels unless they deliberately do something to lose that respect. You need to build respect in other ways as well. Be visible to your followers. Show them you are available and interested in knowing everything about what they do. Develop and demonstrate your knowledge of the organization and details of the product, service, or operation. If you are perceived as being knowledgeable and can answer questions, you will not only earn respect, but will motivate others to learn as well.