The ability to negotiate effectively is an important skill. It is also a skill that can easily be developed by understanding the process involved. By adopting an approach where the parties work with each other, it is possible to reach outcomes that satisfy all. This positive approach to negotiation will help build business relationships that could last for years. Negotiation is not the only method of problem solving. We identify some of the alternatives and discuss when negotiation is the best approach. Participants often identify confidence as being the main barrier to effective negotiation. Once they are able to work with an effective structure they find that this barrier quickly disappears.

Planning - Helps participants to understand the importance of planning before entering into negotiations. We look at what is involved in effective planning. Participants are given a planning template which will provide a basis for preparing most of their negotiations.

Laying Foundation - This important stage of negotiation is often overlooked by inexperienced negotiators. Participants will learn to set up their discussion so that they do not move towards agreement prematurely.

Building - Helps participants to avoid surrendering their position without getting something in return.

Completing - Ensures that the negotiation is closed effectively so that all parties leave committed to the outcomes agreed.

Pine Furniture - An opportunity for participants to practice the processes covered during the course.